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Mike Previti is a seasoned professional, excelling in both voice acting and singing. His lifelong passion for entertainment led him to secure an agent at just twelve years old, kickstarting a career that spanned commercials, stage performances, and valuable on-camera experience.

As his journey evolved, Mike’s love for music took center stage. He honed his skills as a singer-songwriter, creating, recording, and producing his music while captivating audiences on stage.

His foray into voice acting was serendipitous, driven by his imaginative and energetic personality. Mike’s voice has graced commercials for top brands like Samsung, Merrell, Lego, Mattel, and Microsoft. He’s also brought characters to life in video games for renowned companies.

Notably, Mike secured a role in the US adaptation of the beloved Korean animated series “Poten Dogs” and has several exciting, animated projects in the pipeline. Despite his success in voice acting, Mike remains a vibrant presence in the world of music, lending his vocals to various commercial jingles and animated show themes.


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